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We are committed to teaching each student CPR to the highest of standards in a relaxed, stress free environment.

Because good healthcare and emergency certifications should be accessible and convenient for everyone, we offer a variety of emergency certification services. Nursing homes, schools, and businesses shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and good instruction. We were formed to meet this goal in June of 2020. Our staff consists of knowledgeable healthcare professionals all of whom have emergency experience. The ability for our staff to answer questions accurately, demonstrate skills appropriately, while also being conscious of the clients needs creates a successful learning environment that is fun, informative, and fast. Our staff of experienced nurses and paramedics is committed to reaching out and making ourselves available whether through our Community Outreach division, community CPR demonstrations, or discounts for nonprofits.

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Meet The Team

Kole Garcia

Executive Director, Owner; EMT-P, EMD-Q, EMD-I, CPR-I; Michael “Kole” Garcia has worked as a first responder for over 30 years. For the last 9, Kole has dedicated himself to training emergency dispatchers and improving their interactions with the public. Growing up in a family with varying degrees of English proficiency provided Kole with the drive to advocate on behalf of the Hispanic community.

Christopher Wierzbicky

CPR-I; Owner, Project Coordinator; Christopher brings his coordinating talents and growth management skills from his former work in pharmacy and politics to Add Equality. His penchant for assisting those in the most need of help and focus on training are bringing Add Equality to the next level of certification training.

Bridgette Wallace

Instructor; EMT-P, CPR-I; Bridgette is both a paramedic and dispatcher. A proud Milwaukee native, she became a paramedic to serve her community. This commitment has driven her to share her expertise as a CPR instructor.

Heidi Golembiewski

Instructor; RN, EMT-B, AEMD; Heidi Golembiewski  is passionate about bridging the gap between communities and their emergency responders. Years of experience in healthcare as both an EMT and now a nurse have shown her the disparities that exist in the emergency response system.

Josh Brown

Instructor; EMT-P, AEMD, CPR-I, Fire; Josh has been working in the emergency service field for the past seven years. He has filled roles in numerous jobs in this field such as: Army Medic, EMT/Paramedic, Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Room Technician, EMS Communicator, EMR – NREMTP adjunct instructor, Member of WI EMS state board – Data / Analysis subcommittee, and FF/Paramedic. Josh is able to bring his knowledge from a diverse background.

Suzanne Gutierrez

Translation Outreach Coordinator – Social Worker; Suzie has dedicated her life to giving back to the Hispanic community. Working with her nephew Kole Garcia has given her a new way to give back. With a background in social work and translation services in the medical field, Suzie brings her passion of patient

Jon Doe

CPR Specialist – Meet Manny the Mannequin! Manny has been with us since the beginning, and is the current record holder for employee of the month! Manny is one of our CPR mannequins, and has assisted in every one of our classes!

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